We would like to kindly inform that we made a decision of the heretofore manufactured spare parts to started up with sales under our own brand.


Current information

April 2012

Available capacities

     We have a possibility to take-up the production on the SKJ 8 F turning and boring lathe and underdrive PAD63A automatic press (quick punch).

lathe potentials: 
max fi 800x200mm

press potentials:
max tonnage 63T,
strokes per minute 100-320

Quality Assurance Department

     All the manufacturing processes are subjected to Quality Control starting from raw material entering the company until the finished good is leaving the factory with the subsequent monitoring at recipient's home.

     Taking such actions is result of records of ISO 9001:2000 procedures and quality plans in which following is discussed: 

1. controls and acceptance testing of supplies,
2. controls and testing during production,
3. final controls and testing.

     Control examinations are conducted by specially prepared for this Quality Assurance Department personnel, equipped with universal measuring instruments and special test equipment.

     Supervision over control-measuring instruments and very exact measurements based on basic pattern is conducted by Length and Angle Laboratory equipped among others with measuring machine AXIOM TOO from ABERLINK. 

     Chemical laboratory: it supervises the course of chemical treatment and makes analyses of chemical composition of the delivered materials to be used for production.

     Quality controls are used to ensure the realization of quality requirements and documenting quality activities. On all stages of production the documentation is kept.