We would like to kindly inform that we made a decision of the heretofore manufactured spare parts to started up with sales under our own brand.


Current information

April 2012

Available capacities

     We have a possibility to take-up the production on the SKJ 8 F turning and boring lathe and underdrive PAD63A automatic press (quick punch).

lathe potentials: 
max fi 800x200mm

press potentials:
max tonnage 63T,
strokes per minute 100-320

Products catalogue

     Zakłady Sprzętu Mechanicznego "URSUS" Sp. z o.o. / The Works of Mechanical Equipment are specializing in manufacturing following tractors assemblies and parts for tractors:

- main clutches for tractor's family of "URSUS", "MASSEY FERGUSON PERKINS", "ZTS Martin", excavator-loaders incorporated with the tractors" URSUS" C-360, 3512 and 4512, and for fork-lift trucks of "RAK" type and spare parts exchanging original one to ZETOR tractors;

- rear and front PTO hydraulic clutches for heavy tractors of "URSUS" family and postlicence ones by MASSEY FERGUSON PERKINS;

- hydraulic clutches for differential gear blockage, torque amplifier of front driving axle for new generation heavy tractors (1734, 1934);

- clutch plates for all kinds of agricultural tractors;

- water pumps for 3 and 4 cylinders "PERKINS" engines, "C-330", "C-360", “C-330 M”, “C-360-3P” tractors, “URSUS” heavy tractors and spare parts exchanging original one to ZETOR tractors;

- high-pressure heads for 3 and 4 cylinders "PERKINS" tractors, for C-330", "C-360", “C-330 M”, C-360-3P tractors and spare parts exchanging original one to ZETOR tractors;

- braking systems, expansion brakes, brake drums and friction brake discs and intermediate disks;

- main clutches and their components for a "BIZON-Z056" combine.

Please, take a look at our catalogue! For more details about the products and terms of delivery, please contact our Marketing & Sales Department.

URSUS C-328, C-330, C-330M

URSUS C-355M, C-360, C-360-3P

C-385, 912, 914, 1012, 1014, 1222, 1224, 1614, 1032, 1034, 1134, 1232, 1234, 1734, 1934

MF-235, MF-255, URSUS 2812, 3512, 4512, 4514, 5312, 5314 and similar

Spare parts exchanging original one to Zetor 5211, 7211 tractors

T-25, MTZ-80, MTZ-82

"BIZON” combine-harvester

Clutch plate for "Białoru¶" excavator-loader
FUT Ostrówek Excavator-loader
Excavator-loader incorporated with the tractors of "URSUS" C-360, 3512, 4512

Fork-lift trucks of "RAK" 7A and 7B, Bulgarian (Perkins engine) 3 and 4 cylinders.

Steel parts, motor-car body elements for Ursus tractors, toothed wheels and shafts for NUR heavy tractors, toothed wheels and shafts for Ursus C-330, C-360 and Massey Ferguson tractors

Original spare parts for ZETOR tractors

Seals for all types of tractors

To the Companies that purchase spare parts a differentiated price discount system is applied.
Please, place your orders in advance.
We wish you a successful purchase.