We would like to kindly inform that we made a decision of the heretofore manufactured spare parts to started up with sales under our own brand.


Current information

April 2012

Available capacities

     We have a possibility to take-up the production on the SKJ 8 F turning and boring lathe and underdrive PAD63A automatic press (quick punch).

lathe potentials: 
max fi 800x200mm

press potentials:
max tonnage 63T,
strokes per minute 100-320

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Design & Technology Department Manager

Marek Zdrodowski

Tel.  056 677-01-37

Fax. 056 677-01-44

e-mail  technologia@ursus.pl

Design & Technology Department Deputy Manager 

Janusz Mandra

Tel.  056 677-01-36

Fax. 056 677-01-44

e-mail  konstrukcja@ursus.pl