We would like to kindly inform that we made a decision of the heretofore manufactured spare parts to started up with sales under our own brand.


Current information

April 2012

Available capacities

     We have a possibility to take-up the production on the SKJ 8 F turning and boring lathe and underdrive PAD63A automatic press (quick punch).

lathe potentials: 
max fi 800x200mm

press potentials:
max tonnage 63T,
strokes per minute 100-320



Production services:

     By using broad production possibilities we produce in our factory, according to drawings or patterns, iron goods for domestic and foreign customers.

     Our own office of the constructional & production engineering and multi-purpose stock of machine tools are enabling the production of various part assortment and sub-assemblies in small batches and of average size as well as to provide services in the field of regeneration.

     The following processes which we are able to realize at our Company are presented below. For more information, please contact the Marketing Department where you are pleased to submit your requests for quotation, (marketing@ursus.pl)

     We assure quick considering of the quotation and advantageous conditions of cooperation!

Production possibilities:

Machine type
Characteristic parameters
- engine lathes
max fi x length 500 x 1000 mm
- turret lathes
max fi x length 500 x 300 mm
- tracer lathes
max fi x length 200 x 800 mm
- 6-spindle semi-chucking machines
max fi x length 190 x 175 mm
- lathes for honing
max fi x length 350 x 200 mm
- horizontal and vertical milling machines
400 x 1600 mm
- hobbing machine
max module 4
max fi x length 120 x 137 mm
- milling machines for key
max key width 40 mm
- thread milling machines
max fi x length 100 x 75 mm
- thread rolling machines
max fi x length 70 x 125 mm
- screwing machines
max screw-thread fi M27
- bi-axial lathes
max fi x length 500 x 1000 mm
- turning and boring lathe
max fi x length 800 x 200 mm
- 3-axial, vertical machining centres
X, Y, Z travel 1040; 600; 500 
- 4-axial, horizontal machining centres
X, Y, Z travel 1000; 900; 1000 axle B - continuous turntable with pallet 630 x 630
- horizontal broaching machines
max tractive force 20 T 
- centre-type roll grinders
max fi x length 200 x 700 mm
- contour grinding machines
max fi x length 152 x 500 mm
- internal grinders
max fi x length 100 x 250 mm
- centreless cylindrical grinders
max microsection fi 75 mm 
- face flat surface grinders
turntable fi1000 mm 
- grinders for splines (right angle splines)
max fi of part 125 mm
- Fellows slotting machine
max module x fi 8 x 500 mm
- band saws
max fi of cut material 230 mm
- eccentric press
max press tonnage T 12 ÷ 400
- fine blanking press
max press tonnage T 63 ÷ 250
- hydraulic press
max press tonnage T 25 ÷ 400
- riveting machines
max rivet fi 5 mm
- resistance welders
max power 160 kW
- motor-driven welding sets
max rated current 300 A
- semi-automatic welders (CO2 welding)
max rated current 400 A
- guillotine
max depth x length 13 x 3000 mm 3000 mm
- plating tanks
plating tank surface 600x600 mm

I. Capacities of manufacturing processes

     The company enjoys full independence in designing manufacturing processes, special instrumentation, tools and special gauges, we make it ourselves and supervise their exploitation.
Designing is a computer-controlled process, using a three-dimensional SOLID EDGE of the UNIGRAPHICS designing system as well as the program that aids programming of CNC EdgeCAM machine tools.

The manufacturing processes include: machining, plastic working, chemical treatment and assembling.
- machining which comprises mainly turning, milling, drilling and grinding work of the part like a disc, having a maximum diameter 800 mm, body, sleeve, shaft of max overall dimension up to 400 mm.
- plastic working includes cutting of metal sheets, blanking and pressing (from 12 to 400 T of pressure) and fine blanking (max press tonnage 250 T)
- chemical treatment includes the process of phosphatizing and etching
- installation of sub-assemblies and assemblies, dynamic balancing.

II. Stock of machine tools

1.    For machining process - machining centres, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinders and band saw – this include general purpose machine tools and CNC ones, single spindle chucking machines as well as special- and purpose machine tools.
2.    For plastic working - eccentric press of press tonnage from 12 to 400 tons and fine blanking press with its press tonnage of 250 T and automatic press with the lower drive of press tonnage 63 T. For cutting of sheets a hydraulic guillotine is used.
3.    For assembling - hydraulic press of small pressure, dynamic balancers, riveting machines and special positions.

III. Instrumentation

     Fixtures, general and special purposes, commercial tools - mainly of folding and special types and gauges of general use and special are applied. Special instrumentation is designed using a computer-controlled system - the three-dimensional application SOLID EDGE from UNIGRAPHICS, which is being executed by the company on its own.